Music Curator
Music Curator
We are music curators

Music is the final link in a brand’s strategy of offering a higher experience to its customers.

Truly inspiring music selections introduce customers to a brand’s history and products, in harmony with the interior design of its properties and guest demographics.

Each of our playlists is unique and contextual, handcrafted to the identity of the brand. Our music branding services turn your properties into destinations.

Music Curator is designed in Paris and operated from Mumbai.

Creative conversation

You do not need to be a music expert to have a creative conversation with us: knowing  your brand is all you need. We are using common sense keywords of accurate semantics to help you convey your musical ambitions.

Your brand manager is our preferred partner to craft the background score of your brand.

A curated music service

From creative highlights of F&B concepts to allegoric underscores echoing in iconic Heritage properties, from architecture to decor, from brand identity to guest demographics, we design contextual atmospheres.

A seamless sound experience

Our playlists are uniquely curated and handcrafted to specification. Our selections are meaningful and flow seamlessly in an original mix with matching tempo, key and volume.

Hi-fi quality music

All our music is encoded in the highest digital quality for augmented tonal richness, enhancing the impact of your brand on customers.

Simplicity in the Cloud

Our clients didn’t want their staff to be involved in music scheduling, playlists updates or to download stuff on the company PC. So we designed the Music Curator System for absolute simplicity.

Music Curator delivers, schedules and updates your music across Time Zones via the Cloud, without intervention from your staff. For retail chains, we can even schedule inserts / anouncements at any given time.

The Music Curator Box comes pre-loaded with the scheduled music. Connect it to your music system and to the Internet, then switch it on. That’s all you will ever have to do!. It is fully managed by us remotely and remains operational even during Internet outages.

  • On-site and on-line creative consulting available.
  • Dedicated creative and technical account managers.
  • Direct contact with your dedicated curator.
  • Private dashboard for interactive concept development.
  • 24/7 technical support.
A neutral technical advice

Vendors tend to sell the maximum equipment, it is their job, but costlier is not always better. Your sound system is only as good as the weakest link in the sound chain. What matters is that the sound system matches your acoustic requirements and is properly wired, installed and tuned.

Too often have we encountered a luxury property with a bloated music system from a premium brand that sounded no better than a public address system because of bad wiring, a cheap connector or poor installation.

Involving a neutral expert at the planning stage of your sound system can be very helpful. We have a team of expert sound engineers, not linked to any manufacturer, who can provide the following services:

  • Technical audit of existing installations
  • Redesign of existing systems
  • Fine tuning and real time analysis of the sound and equipment
  • Suggest appropriate hardware specifications for new installations

Our involvement in the early stages of a project is the preferred solution.