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Chateau Hochberg by Lalique

The Context

The former Hochberg glassworks now serve as the picturesque setting for the romantic Château Hochberg, which sits within lush parkland. The magnificent sandstone structure dates back to 1863 and was transformed into a four-star hotel in 2016. Its fifteen rooms and suites provide exquisite comfort and tranquility, and it is also a protected historical monument.

The Bar

Guests entering the Château are drawn to the custom-designed single block of white quartz bar, topped by a glass panel decorated with seven Dahlia designs dominating the lobby. The suspended crystals and glass cabinets surrounding the bar give a modern touch, providing guests with a glimpse of the extensive display of wine decanters and bottles and the garden.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is divided into three dining rooms – Dahlia, Ombelle, and Venise – creating convivial, welcoming spaces for guests to feel at ease. The ensemble is elegantly set off by Lalique pieces, notably the Eternal Crystal panels, a collaboration between Lalique and the world-renowned British artist Damien Hirst.


The Context

In the first half of the 20th century, Calcutta was a famed residence for European musical misfits and American black jazzmen who found work and social acceptance that was denied to them back home. The city is also home to Chinese and Armenian traders along the Silk Road who settled here centuries ago. Chinoiserie was the occasion to evoke this unique multicultural history.

The Music

Ethnic themes of ancient China revisited by contemporary Western composers with a classical and jazz background, using a variety of traditional Chinese instruments along with classical guitar and orchestral piano.

This selection cares about delivering a seamless, pleasant experience while avoiding the clichéd sound of ethnic Chinese music.

Corporate Office

The context

No longer merely passthrough spaces, lobbies have become destinations in their own right.

Following the completion of the 16-storey high building, winner of the “Green Office Architecture” at the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2013-14, the owners determined the need to enlighten the common areas with settings suitable for an impromptu meeting and the simplicity of creating spaces where people can relax while awaiting clearance to enter the building.

The music

A continuum of contemplative spaciousness acts like a counterpoint to the glass walls and high ceilings. This space is decorated with an agreeable flow of sonic textures floating in the air without melody or rhythmic features. This discreet yet inspiring and relaxing atmosphere is as ignorable as it is complex to an attentive ear.

Royal Enfield Garage Café

The Context

Rock’n’roll music has an enormous influence on motorbike culture, which is committed to a way of leisure rather than life. Bikers disdain the commercial function of music and search for original artists. For them, genuine performances hold the ultimate musical value. Bikers value the freshness, authenticity, and conviction of personal delivery by the artists: music that is, in a sense, answerable to the restlessness and adventure of their personal lives.

The Music

The freedom metaphor associated with the Enfield ride kicks in from the word go. The selection genuinely reflects the biker culture genealogy from the origins in the ‘60s to the budding artists of tomorrow while avoiding the pitfalls of niche, mainstream clichés, and other overheard pieces. The mix also features unexpected international evocations of imaginary landscapes (Mexico desert, Ocean drives, dusty roads of Iran, the Himalayas…), along with occasional pop-ups of tracks reflecting the broad geographic origin of Royal Enfield enthusiasts (Israel, French, Latin American…), with some rare gems from the global underground rock movement (Angola, India, Philippines, etc.).

What is intensity?

Check out the example given here. From 00:00 to 01:15 – the original recording is easy-pop tempo (125 bpm) of medium intensity, smooth, and not heavy.

In the remix, from 01:15 to 02:21, the production is raised to high-intensity; the tempo is the same (125 bpm), the volume is the same, but it sounds louder. It is perfect for bars.

In a typical ‘front desk + lounge-bar + restaurant’ open area, the medium-intensity sound will enable a conversation in the restaurant while keeping up the bar’s atmosphere, without disturbing the front desk area.

Pumping up the volume of a low-intensity recording will disturb the conversation in the restaurant and affect the front desk.

Lake Palace

The Context

Set in one of the world’s most romantic medieval settings, the legendary Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is the epitome of luxury and Eastern splendor. In an ethereal, enchanting apparition, the Palace seems to float on the island’s 4 acres (16,500 m2).

Staying and dining at the Palace is an experience of entering a time machine and stepping into an entirely different era. The “Royal Butlers” in the hotel are descendants of the original palace retainers.

The Music:

A spectacular array of medieval palaces reflect in the lake as if magically wrapped around the white Palace in a swan-like posture.

While standing on the open-air terraces during the daytime, one feels a long horizontal continuity of serenity, the lake’s ripples, and bells from distant temples.
In tune with these atmospheric acoustic sound textures, we added delicate string arrangements and the most profound Dhrupad vocals as a tribute to the former Dagar court musicians.
At sunset, grand orchestral majestic strings inspire a moment of catharsis.

As the night falls, a low mist forms on the lake and sets the vibe to an orientalized spiritual Jazz while the impressive medieval panorama lights up as the ultimate enchanting oriental dream.

We approached every venue in symmetry, enhancing the texture with contemporary zest and emotional load at open-air venues.

In contrast, we refined chamber music art at indoor Lounges and Restaurants with seamless eclecticism between East and West.

Maritime by San Lorenzo

The Context

A cosy room of 50 covers, with a low ceiling, offers all focus on the haute gastronomy, while a bar space adds an element of distraction with a roster of flying mixologists.

The elements include bright marble and fine white wooden planks, reminiscent of beach installation, enhanced by colourful art from Portofino on the Bar side and vintage photography from the Ligurian Coast/Gulf of Poets on the restaurant side.

The Music

The creation of three day-parts were commissioned: Lunch, Bar time and Dinner.

We created a soundtrack for A sunny terrace in a black & white Italian movie to achieve an effect of Riviera hedonism.

A fashion statement is made by today’s exciting Italian music producers, who created an innovative style of Jazz that incorporates sounds from Italian soundtracks of the 1960′s with other evocative, easy listening themes.

A fine balance had to be found to leave room to the Gastronomy experience while keeping the intensity of the atmosphere fluctuating between perfect invisibility and subtly progressive moments of higher spirits.

Taj Fateh Prakash Palace

The Context

Taj Fateh Prakash is part of the iconic City Palace complex. It was built in the 20th century by Maharana Fateh Singh as a venue for royal events. Present-day guests are welcomed like princely dignitaries from another era.

The Music

The original palace décor has been meticulously maintained. From miniature paintings and armory to royal heirlooms and furniture straight off toshakhanas (royal storerooms), Fateh Prakash is alive with stories of Rajput valor and adventure.

In the marble Lobby overlooking Pichola Lake, we produced a soundtrack of ethereal Indian strains, inspired by the endless stories of the rich Rajput memorabilia and immersed in the ever-changing light of the City of Sunrise.

The soundtrack of Sunset Terrace, the royal restaurant skirting the shimmering waters of the lake, sets the perfect mood for daydreaming your time away.


The Context

Music Curator was commissioned to craft a music programing for the three major public zones of the hotel, with a focus on Millennials. Whereas creative programing in similar settings is often used to stylize a discreet atmospheric background, here we have created a self-assured, expressive soundtrack.

The Music

The Lobby is a typical ‘front desk-lounge-bar-restaurant’ open area where ear-picked, weightless, Indo-international pop music is performed from a glimmering utopic future, in a savant scheduling of intensities across the day and night.

The Square, the Accor-signature All-day Dinning restaurant, celebrates, from a French point of view, Pune’s newfound status as a Global Citizen Hub where music translates the Millenials’ aspirations to “Make the Planet Great Again”. The soundtrack is day-parted with specific intensities and colors under the Indian Standard Time.

Soak, the Accor-signature Pool Bar, rises from horizontality to verticality in three scheduled steps of musical intensity, building up through patterned contrasts and delivered through seamlessly mixed edits of impeccable aesthetics, fueled by a true taste-maker approach, towards a near-ritual of spiritual communion, a metaphor of a Millennial lifestyle.

Rambagh Palace

The Context

Music Curator contemplated the sound design of the five public venues from the role the hotel plays in the city of Jaipur in the context of its Taj Group lineage.

The Music

In the Lobby and marble verandah looking out to the garden, we produced a soundtrack of shimmering lightness, inspired by the pastel of the walls and the dance of the garden’s butterflies.

In the Suvarna Mahal, a grand palatial venue of Royal Gastronomy, we created a unique masterpiece of prestigious orchestral strings for dignified Indian classical music.

The Rajput Room, decorated as a tribute to the Maharani Gayatri Devi, was the natural recipient to graceful and romantic musical selections of the numerous Indophile, and Indian, jazz musicians, such as the late Amancio D’Silva, whom the Princess patronized. She bought him his first professional guitar, a Gibson. As a tribute to the artist and his patron, the Rajput Room is the only place on earth where Amancio’s works are performed daily.

The Polo Bar soundtrack revives at night a Belle Epoque quaintness of a fantasied aristocratic socialite life.

On the outskirt of the Palace, a colonial train station has been turned into The Steam Bar, whose entertaining soundtrack of Jazz and Soul music with a contemporary retro touch, offers to locals and guests the genuine edge of an urban bar.