Lake Palace

The Context

Set in one of the world’s most romantic medieval settings, the legendary Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is the epitome of luxury and Eastern splendor. In an ethereal, enchanting apparition, the Palace seems to float on the island’s 4 acres (16,500 m2).

Staying and dining at the Palace is an experience of entering a time machine and stepping into an entirely different era. The “Royal Butlers” in the hotel are descendants of the original palace retainers.

The Music:

A spectacular array of medieval palaces reflect in the lake as if magically wrapped around the white Palace in a swan-like posture.

While standing on the open-air terraces during the daytime, one feels a long horizontal continuity of serenity, the lake’s ripples, and bells from distant temples.
In tune with these atmospheric acoustic sound textures, we added delicate string arrangements and the most profound Dhrupad vocals as a tribute to the former Dagar court musicians.
At sunset, grand orchestral majestic strings inspire a moment of catharsis.

As the night falls, a low mist forms on the lake and sets the vibe to an orientalized spiritual Jazz while the impressive medieval panorama lights up as the ultimate enchanting oriental dream.

We approached every venue in symmetry, enhancing the texture with contemporary zest and emotional load at open-air venues.

In contrast, we refined chamber music art at indoor Lounges and Restaurants with seamless eclecticism between East and West.