Maritime by San Lorenzo

The Context

A cosy room of 50 covers, with a low ceiling, offers all focus on the haute gastronomy, while a bar space adds an element of distraction with a roster of flying mixologists.

The elements include bright marble and fine white wooden planks, reminiscent of beach installation, enhanced by colourful art from Portofino on the Bar side and vintage photography from the Ligurian Coast/Gulf of Poets on the restaurant side.

The Music

The creation of three day-parts were commissioned: Lunch, Bar time and Dinner.

We created a soundtrack for A sunny terrace in a black & white Italian movie to achieve an effect of Riviera hedonism.

A fashion statement is made by today’s exciting Italian music producers, who created an innovative style of Jazz that incorporates sounds from Italian soundtracks of the 1960′s with other evocative, easy listening themes.

A fine balance had to be found to leave room to the Gastronomy experience while keeping the intensity of the atmosphere fluctuating between perfect invisibility and subtly progressive moments of higher spirits.