The Context

Music Curator was commissioned to craft a music programing for the three major public zones of the hotel, with a focus on Millennials. Whereas creative programing in similar settings is often used to stylize a discreet atmospheric background, here we have created a self-assured, expressive soundtrack.

The Music

The Lobby is a typical ‘front desk-lounge-bar-restaurant’ open area where ear-picked, weightless, Indo-international pop music is performed from a glimmering utopic future, in a savant scheduling of intensities across the day and night.

The Square, the Accor-signature All-day Dinning restaurant, celebrates, from a French point of view, Pune’s newfound status as a Global Citizen Hub where music translates the Millenials’ aspirations to “Make the Planet Great Again”. The soundtrack is day-parted with specific intensities and colors under the Indian Standard Time.

Soak, the Accor-signature Pool Bar, rises from horizontality to verticality in three scheduled steps of musical intensity, building up through patterned contrasts and delivered through seamlessly mixed edits of impeccable aesthetics, fueled by a true taste-maker approach, towards a near-ritual of spiritual communion, a metaphor of a Millennial lifestyle.