Royal Enfield Garage Café

The Context

Rock’n’roll music has an enormous influence on motorbike culture, which is committed to a way of leisure rather than life. Bikers disdain the commercial function of music and search for original artists. For them, genuine performances hold the ultimate musical value. Bikers value the freshness, authenticity, and conviction of personal delivery by the artists: music that is, in a sense, answerable to the restlessness and adventure of their personal lives.

The Music

The freedom metaphor associated with the Enfield ride kicks in from the word go. The selection genuinely reflects the biker culture genealogy from the origins in the ‘60s to the budding artists of tomorrow while avoiding the pitfalls of niche, mainstream clichés, and other overheard pieces. The mix also features unexpected international evocations of imaginary landscapes (Mexico desert, Ocean drives, dusty roads of Iran, the Himalayas…), along with occasional pop-ups of tracks reflecting the broad geographic origin of Royal Enfield enthusiasts (Israel, French, Latin American…), with some rare gems from the global underground rock movement (Angola, India, Philippines, etc.).