The Trophy Bar

The Context

Encased in the majestic Umaid Palace, the Trophy Bar offers a visually immersive cultural experience that serves as a comfy reading salon during the daytime, when most guests are away on sightseeing, but gets busy from the evening onwards.

The Music

We created a sonic ‘time machine’ to transport the listener to final splendors of Imperial British India, using textures – discrete, periodic crackling sound of old radio and vinyl records -, ear-picked historical recordings and contemporary works that honestly revisit the era; or unearthing very rare, contextual recordings – such as a Hindi song praising the Viceroy and recordings of early Jazz in India.

To this ever-evolving music library, we are adding works that illustrate the early age of aviation in India, of which the Maharaja was a pioneer, with masterpieces from the large semi-arid zone that stretches from Jodhpur to Nouachkott.

Guest flow too influenced our musical selections. The afternoon music is at once artful and poetic, to create a witty story-line punctuated by quirky and beauty elements, yet has an easy-listening quality to avoid demanding too much attention from the guests. This easy-listening quality is enhanced by the sequencing production, each track length ranging from 30 seconds to less than 4 minutes, to ensure a fast sequenced continuity of eclectic moments so that even a non-musical guest is never trapped in a difficult moment.

In the evening, the Music Curator player changes to the Sunset mood, also called ‘The GM’s Drink’, customized to delay the guests-flow to the restaurants Pillars and Risala. Later at night, it moves to a more mainstream vintage Jazz selection that raises imperceptibly the energy level for post-dinner drinks.

The richness and the very uniqueness of this selection makes it a museum of aural curiosities and memorabilia which is a pleasing invitation to engage and be inspired while being absolutely in tune with the room decor and the fantasy of its history.