Umaid Bhawan Palace

The Context

Four highly-contrasted, distinctive public zones but with a royal constant, overwhelmed by an imposing martial, heroic architecture, enhanced by manly trophies and ancient weaponry. Enjoys excellent acoustics.

The Music

We created multiple day parts and dedicated musical atmosphere for each venue, and paid tribute to the original Palace Musician, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (1922-2009), and his rich international musical legacy.

In the majestic 105-feet high cupola, we softened the deep resonance with feminine breeze of heavenly harp and Indian flute.

On the Pillars Terrace overlooking the royal gardens, we used elegant strings of panoramic proportion to soundtrack the beauty of roaming peacocks.

At the Trophy Bar, we launched a musical ‘time travel machine’ to the quaintness of an early 20th century salon.

Adorned by royal portraits, the Risala restaurant fine dines an imaginary dinner for royal guests of the last Empire, to the sound of Victorian era Pastoral music with echoes of Indian strains.