Guidelines for new applicants

At this stage, not more than 10 tracks. Each composition must contain:

  • a proper title (not ‘track 01’).
  • Artist: The name of the composer, followed by your Society CAE/IPI number. Non-members of a Copyright Society please excuse!
  • Comments: keywords describing the composition.
  • Only mp3 at 320kbps format at this stage.
  • Include your biography (work), contact details and relevant links: website, SoundCloud, etc. where we can listen to more of your work

Guidelines for composing for SyncMama

Our music is to help creators – podcasters, YouTubers, advertisers, broadcasters, etc. – lift their work to another level. SyncMama is their toolbox.
Here are some “guidelines” for creating compositions that creators will love and will make their life much easier:

  • No key changes
  • No tempo changes
  • One mood: Editors choose compositions according to mood, key, and tempo, so mixed cues usually get thrown out. A good composition changes textures but not mood or tempo.
  • Good edit points: Editors love when they can just edit out sections in the middle of a composition and go straight to the end without a lot of fiddling around.
  • Key points: The first :30 of every edit builds up the intensity towards a climax @:29, then rephrases it again to build up to an even higher intensity.
  • Modularity: When certain elements can be easily edited and looped to increase the duration.
  • Alternate mixes: whenever possible, provide alternate versions: instrumental (if vocal), without percussion, without a particular instrument, etc.
  • Edit Dead Space At The Top & Tail End: Always make sure to edit out any extraneous silence from the top and end of your tracks. Keep any dead space to no more than .25 seconds at the top and end.
  • Mix your tracks with a maximum level of 0.5 dB: Leaving some headroom makes room to account for different audio systems and DAW playback idiosyncracies.
  • When mastering, don’t overcompress/limit: Don’t take part in the loudness wars: your music is made for background use, not to burn up the charts. Use compression and limiting with restraint.


For mastering, we recommend The very best analog mastering service!