Chateau Hochberg by Lalique

The Context

The former Hochberg glassworks now serve as the picturesque setting for the romantic Château Hochberg, which sits within lush parkland. The magnificent sandstone structure dates back to 1863 and was transformed into a four-star hotel in 2016. Its fifteen rooms and suites provide exquisite comfort and tranquility, and it is also a protected historical monument.

The Bar

Guests entering the Château are drawn to the custom-designed single block of white quartz bar, topped by a glass panel decorated with seven Dahlia designs dominating the lobby. The suspended crystals and glass cabinets surrounding the bar give a modern touch, providing guests with a glimpse of the extensive display of wine decanters and bottles and the garden.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is divided into three dining rooms – Dahlia, Ombelle, and Venise – creating convivial, welcoming spaces for guests to feel at ease. The ensemble is elegantly set off by Lalique pieces, notably the Eternal Crystal panels, a collaboration between Lalique and the world-renowned British artist Damien Hirst.